Hockey Hits – 25 May

Concussion – assessment and diagnosis

In all matches, the primary responsibility for ensuring that a player who has been involved in a potentially concussive incident is properly assessed for physical signs or symptoms of possible concussion lies with the team coach or manager, who must also make a responsible decision to withdraw a player showing such signs and symptoms from the field of play and ensure he or she receives proper medical attention based on the “if in doubt sit them out” policy. They must not allow themselves to be pressured by the player, team mates, umpire’s, parents or supporters in fulfilling this essential responsibility.

The most important steps in the early identification of concussion are to recognise it as a possible concussion and remove the patient from the game/activity. By use of the Concussion Recognition Tool (CRT) – click here to download a printable version. Should the patient fail to answer any of the questions correctly or takes quite some time to answer indicates concussion. Any patient with suspected concussion should be IMMEDIATELY REMOVED FROM PLAY, and should not be allowed to return to activity until they are assessed medically.

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