2017 Prize Winners

After a very successful senior prize giving evening enjoyed by all please see below a list of the winners for 2017

Anyone who did not attend the Prize Giving and received an award should contact Julie Crake to organise a pick up  of your Award. Thank you to everyone who attended the fantastic event and our sincerest congratulations to those who received awards.  We wish you all a relaxing summer and look forward to seeing you all next season.


Team Prizes


Team Most Valueable Player Most Improved Player


Div 1 Men Bradley Paterson Flynn Marshall


Div 2 Blue Men Vaughan Greenfield Emil Collins


Div 2 Red Men Levi Hines Tom Glover


Div 3 Green Men Ash Reihana Ryan Connelly


Div 3 Yellow Men Elliot Rice Ryan Bezuidenhout


Youth 1 Boys Luke MacLeod Hugh Fraser


MWKO Red Men Ivo Rongen Will Hayde


MWKO Blue Men Tony Hutchins Brendon Hynman


Grass Men Tim Easterbrook Gary Langley


Div 1 Women Blaire Shadforth Molly Dougherty


Div 2 Red Women Zanna McCleary Meg Smith


Div 3 Level 1 Red Women Brydie Washington Rebecca Owens
Div 3 Level 1 Blue Women Grace Thomson Olivia Sidwell
Div 3 Level 2 Red Women Lucy Mayne Mikela King
Div 3 Level 3 Blue Women Lily Hunter Kate Dawson
MWKO Women Rachel Stewart Charlotte Black


Grass Women


Hannah Mitchell Karen Bartosh


CPL Awards – Women

Most Valueable          Jordy Grant

Most Improved           Libby Collings

Defender                    Millie Calder

Striker                        Anne McKechnie


CPL Awards – Men

Most Valueable          Ryan Cocking

Most Improved           Hamish Findlay

Defender                    Tom Mallon

Striker                         Andrew Sherratt


Club Awards

Most Promising Senior Player

Women           Millie Calder

Men                Hamish Findlay


Most Promising Youth  (Murray Family)

Girls                Molly Mackay-Stewart

Boys                Luke MacLeod


Goalie Award             Tom Mallon


Umpire Awards

Junior             James-Paul Mountstevens

Senior             Brodie Greenfield


Coach of the Year      Mark Paterson

Team Award (Most Goals)   Div 2 Women (on goal difference)

Primary Club Member Award         Peter Wilkinson

Senior Club Member Award           Kim Grafton



Goalie (Elaine Jensen)          Blaire Shadforth

Senior Women                       Emilie Aitken

Senior Men                            Henry and Olly Snape

Primary Girl                            Katie Bond

Primary Boy                           Ben Harris


Fetch/Patrick Coupe Scholarships

Hugh Nixon, Quinn Farrant, Arnika Stone, Arabelle McGuickan