Junior Girls 11 aside Kwik Sticks Trial Times – Sunday 18 March

Please be advised of the girls Kwik sticks 11 a-side trial groups for Sunday 18th March. If you cannot attend it is important you email This week we will be playing 11 a-side games and players need to be warmed up and ready to go at the stated time.

Session One
8:00 – 9:30 am 
Nunweek 1

Daisy Aaron
Quinn Abercrombie
Aisla Bianco
Jorja Cowan
Millie Greenslade
Finella Guttmann
Lucia Hinton
Lucy Jackson
Rosa Jugovac
Amadee King
Evelyn King
Amelia Kyle
Emily Lippert
Brooke Marsh
Kayla Muirson
Francesca Phipps
Georgina Prosser
Alice Roycroft
Annabelle Scott
Lilly Sinclair-Heath
Zoe Sullivan
Tanisha Tritt
Isobel Bhatia
Claudia Beal
Frankie Binnie
Caitlin Gibbs
Sophia Gould
Sophie Howes
Susie Hruby
Sophie Kenny
Hannah Maxted
Cleo McLeod
Shylah McLintock
Te Ruapounamu Robson
Anna Scullion
Sophie Sugrue
Isla Telford
Alex Foubister
Meg Bowman
Addison Jones

Session Two
9:30 – 11:00 am
Nunweek 1

Olivia Barnett
Elsie Brewer
Coco Cruickshank
Payton Edmundson
Niamh Hoare
Frankie Jack
Emily Musson
Scarlett O’Donnell
Indy Phillips
Natalie Rivett
Lexie Rouse
Emma Shand
Georgie Skinner
Lucy Vance
Rafferty Powell
Ophelia Powell
Arabella Acland
Isabella Bailey
Elysie Calder
Nina Clarke
Ruby Cooper
Lexi Cummings
Mary Flatman
Lucy Haller
Molly Kneebone
Molly Lundy
Arabelle McGuckin
Molly Moffatt
Alexandria Sidwell
Bex Skinner
Emma Townend
India Trolove
Nicole Vance
Isla Hansen
Caitlin Murray
Isla Culliford
Sydney Marsh
Isabel Shannon
Pippa Gutry
Beth Munro