Urgent – Division Three Girls Trial Information

Hi Everyone,

Below are two groups and sessions times for next trial this Saturday, 10 March, 5-7pm on Nunweek 2. Please arrive no later than 30 minutes before YOUR session time. This will give athletes sufficient time to be sorted into bibs, warm up and stretch before their trial.

Each trial session will be one hour and consist of 11 aside games. You only need to be at the session that your name appears under. If I have left anyone’s name off, please let me know as soon as possible. If you are unable to attend please let us know no later than Friday night.

Thank you,
Craig Burton
Women’s Div 3 Club Captain


Session One: 5.00 – 6.00pm

Abi Worthington

Alyssa Holton

Bri Yerby

Brodie Wilson

Caitlin Jameson

Danielle Turner

Emelia Hinton

Emma McCusker

Hana Burrowes

Hannah Rewiri

Harriet Speedy

Haylee Owens

Holly Findlay

Isabella Wallwork

Jessica Jameson

Jessie Reay-Mackey

Kaitlin McNally

Kate Holden

Kate Bagshaw

Katy Sutcliffe

Meredith Lewis

Mikayla Scott

Molly Taggart-Tod

Olivia Keith

Romy Parker

Sienna Davidson

Session Two: 6.00 – 7.00pm

Anneke Stone

Anna Lucy Findlay

Amelien Fox

Annie Oneill

Ashleigh MacDonald Baker

Bella Martin

Casey Liddington

Charlotte Lambie

Claudia Rowse

Daisy Summerfield

Eliza Harris

Ella Mitchell

Ella Mitchell-Hay

Emily Mullally

Emma Burton

Frances Stevenson

Frances Dougherty

Freya Maguire

Georgia Edge

Grace Thomson

Isabel Simmons

Issy Hinton-Russell

Jess Anderson

Jessie Workman

Katie Bond

Kate Petrie

Kayla Leslie

Lilliana Freeman

Lilly Hunter

Lucy Mayne

Maddie Simmons

Maddison Phipps

Maggie Martin

Maria Boot

Mikaela King

Millie Dobson

Mya Te Aho

Myro McKee

Niamh McKenzie

Olivia Sidwell

Scarlett Wilson

Sophie Hanrahan

Summer Irvine

Trinny Cassidy