2019 Womens Division 2 & Platinum Teams Announced

Please find team selections for Harewood Division Two and Platinum Grades for 2019.  The selection panel would like to thank all the girls for your efforts over the past few weeks.
Now that our teams are selected, we are finalising our coaching appointments across the mens and women’s programmes, however there isn’t an unlimited pool of volunteer coaches,  so if you are keen to be involved  as a head or Assistant Coach, or as a team manager, please do let us know.  We rely on your help.
Our team will be in touch directly with you regarding your first training sessions using the email addresses you provided at registration.
A number of factors determine selection and placement of teams, including Year 9 play up restrictions, player ability, the social needs of our players,  and the positional mix required for each team. Teams within each level will have some squad based training components, and there is opportunity for play up into the next highest ranked team.  It should be noted that year 10 players were restricted into staying in Platinum this year, so it is likely that level 1 will be a higher level of intensity than 2018.  We have again focused on year 9 development groups  which we consider critical for player development.
Uniforms are provided. You just need plain red Harewood socks available from Just Hockey, and your protective equipment. We also have alternate strip for when teams play each other within their level.
Looking forward to an enjoyable and successful season ahead.
Craig, Peter, Olly, Georgie, Glenn and Kim
DIV 2 Women
Coach: TBC
Charlotte Binnie
Ella Mitchell
Blair Shadforth
Brydie Washington
Ella Dolan
Sammy Gibson
Anna-Lucy Findlay
Millie Kennedy
Demi Te Mete
Lucy Mayne
Holly LIntott
Emma Fisken
Alex Dore
Olivia Sidwell
Casey Liddington
Emma Burton
Sophie Hanrahan
Platinum Level 1 – Red
Coach: Kim Grafton
Scarlett Wilson
Summer irvine
Kayla Leslie
Annie O’Neill
Charlotte Lambie
Niamh McKenzie
Jessie Anderson
Claudia Rowse
Katie Bond
Freya Maguire
Jessie Workman
Maggie Martin
Frances Dougherty
Mya Te Aho
Daisy Summerfield
Charlotte Donaldson
Platinum Level 1  – Blue
Coach: Olly Snape
Asst: Glenn Wilson
Lucy Moffat
Arabelle McGuckin
Arabella Acland
India Trolove
Lucy Haller
Caitlin Muir
Molly Moffatt
Nikkita McIntyre
Zoe Trolove
Brodie Wilson
Greta Coeberger
Bex Skinner
Isabella Bailey
Molly Kneebone
Katy Sutcliffe
Eliza Harris
Platinum Level 2 – Red
Coach: Peter Wilkinson
Annabelle Wilkinson
Emily Mullaly
Bella Martin
Kate Petrie
Mikayla Scott
Mikaela King
Isabel Simmons
Holly Abel
Lily Hunter
Destiny Scott
Romy Parker
Kate Holden
Holly Findlay
Isabella Wallwork
Ella Batstone
Platinum Level 2 – Blue
Coach: TBC
Sydney Marsh
Lucy Campbell
Cleo Macleod
Mary Flatman
Meg Downs
Ruby Cooper
Hannah Rewiri
Alyssa Holton
Emma Townend
Alex Sidwell
Maia Deveraux
Lexi Cummings
Emelia Hinton
Meredith Lewis
Olivia Keith
Platinum Level 3 – Red
Coach: TBC
Emma Sinclair
Amy South
Molly Taggart-Todd
Maddi Simmonds
Sienna Davidson
Grace Thompson
Isla Culliford
Meg Bowman
Anna Scullion
Danielle Turner
Caitlin Gibbs
Lorelei Halgreen
Jessica Jameson
Kate Bagshaw
Izzy Fairley
Platinum Level 3 – Blue
Coach: TBC
Claudia Beale
Hannah Mexted
Kaitlin McNally
Sophie Howes
Milni Jayasinghe
Addison Jones
Susie Hruby
Isla Telford
Ruby Hunter
Shylah McLintock
Jessie Reay Mackey
Maia Taurua
Evy Macdonald
Haylee Owens
Bryah Moriarty