Kwik Sticks 11 aside Girls Call Back Lists For Monday 25 March

Trial sessions for the Kwik Sticks 11 Aside Girls for Monday 25th March. Please be at the turf 20 Minutes prior to start time, or as soon as you can make it in the traffic. You will be  playing in 11 Aside Format. Please ensure you bring water and suitable clothing for all conditions.

Thank you.


Group One:  4:30-5:30pm

Olivia Barnett

Shylah Bateman

Isabel Bhatia

Ailsa Bianco

Sophie Booth

Elsie Brewer

Maggie Brewer

Coco Cruickshank

Sophie Evans

Clare Flatman

Finella Gutmann

Isla Hansen

Alana Harris

Lucia Hinton

Niamh Hoare

Izzie Jones

Rosa Jugovac

Evelyn King

Amelia Kyle

Maggie Lundy

Brooke Marsh

Brooklyn McDonald

Caitlin Murray

Lulu O’Donnell

Maise Poff

Poppy Pollock

Natalie Rivett

Lexie Rouse

Emma Shand

Isabel Shannon

Lily Sinclair-Heath

Lucy Townend

Caley Van der Kroon

Emilie Wissell

Group Two: 5:3-6:30

Quinn Abercrombie

Sasha Allan

Annabelle Auld

Sophie Baynes

Charlotte Beere

Olivia Burborough

Jorga Cowan

Hollie Cudd

Ariana Elliott

Alex Foubister

Annabel Glasson

Poppy Glavin

Sienna Glintmeyer

Millie Greenslade

Zoe Hume

Ruby Ives

Lucy Jackson

Jemima Jackson

Amadee King

Pearl Kingi-Hazel

Imogen Lester

Abbie Maye

Angelina McCullough

Olivia Moriarty

Holly MItchell

Kayla Muirson

Kate Muncaster

Emily Musson

Scarlett O’Donnell

Neve Overend

Francesca Phipps

Alice Roycroft

Annabelle Scott

Georgie Skinner

Kiera Snowdon

Zoe Sullivan

Ashley Swaine

Niamh Tarr

Isabella Vaiese

Aria Wakelin