Sportlomo Emails – Senior Club Members

Good Afternoon Members

It has come to our attention that members of the senior club may receive 2 automated emails from Sportlomo. These are NOT spam so please do not block this sender.

CHA is moving to a new database platform called Sportlomo to enable club administrators and members to have an efficient user friendly and interactive platform. They have started the migration of data from our existing database to this new database for our senior men and womens teams and inadvertently forgot to instruct Sportlomo to turn off email advisements, as a result these emails have generated in error.  Please disregard these emails.

You will receive 2 emails. One contains a link that will not work to the new portal and the second is an email that advises you have paid your subscription. Sportlomo have not paid your subscription, if you have not already. April fools day was over a week ago now and we ask if you have not paid your subscription please abide by the payment dates.

For this season invoices and reminders will continue to be sent in the format as previous seasons, from SportTG, not from Sportlomo.

We understand Sportlomo will be active for members from the 2020 season and thank you for your understanding in this oversight.


HHC Administration