2018 Season Information – Juniors


Please note that all junior hockey is based on current school year, not age. Please refer to the appropriate age group tab to the left for further information. Should you have any questions please email either harewood.girls@gmail.com or harewood.boys@gmail.com respectively.

How to Locate Your Team In The Junior Draw Online

There are lots of divisions within the junior grades so here is a quick ‘how to’ locate your team in the weekly online draw.

When you click on the ‘Draws’ link from our website it will take you straight to CHAs website where all draws are located. You need to select your grade from the drop down list for Saturday (as all junior hockey is played on a Saturday).

So lets use Kiwi Sticks Boys 2017 as an example.

Locate them on the list and click on Draw. To find your division or team you then need to click on the down arrow below the words POINTS TABLE. This will then display an option to select ALL POOLS or by Division 1, 2 and so on. Select ALL POOLS.

Locate the name of your team and the name of the opposition will also show, along with the time of your game and the venue below it.

** A trick for newbies is to watch the dates (especially during school holidays) as sometimes draws are up for multiple weeks. The date of the game the draw is for is located in the grey bar below where it tells you what round it is.

There is also a very good app you can download onto your phones called FOX SPORTS PULSE for weekly draws etc. This app allows you select the name of your team and will only display the draw for that team. This is a handy app and is great if you have children in multiple teams as it allows you to add more than one team to your favourites and you can see at a glance where they are playing at once.

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For more information for year 1/2 children, please view our funsticks page.

Should you have an enquiry regarding Junior Boys or Girls hockey please check the junior pages on this website to see if the information you require is located within these in the first instance.

If you require further assistance please email

Junior Boys – harewood.boys@gmail.com
Junior Girls – harewood.girls@gmail.com

Please note that all junior hockey is based on current school year, not age. Please include this in your enquiry.

Your enquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate person for response.

Please also like our Facebook page,  Harewood Hockey Juniors for updates.


Useful Documents:

Junior Club – Code of Conduct

Call for Coaches

As a volunteer club we are always looking for fabulous people!  All you need is to be enthusiastic.  Hockey skills are only a small part of the lessons club sport teaches our young people. We are intending to run training in squads this year to share the expertise of our skilled coaches to the wider group, so don’t worry if you cant be at every training. The kids just need someone to help herd them together, all get a go, and have fun!! Once you do it, you will be addicted!  Do let us know if you are keen to be involved .. and mum’s this gets you out of being the taxi and making the dinner… we need more women being role models for your young ladies too!


Subscriptions and Fees

Please refer to the web page. We do our best to keep playing costs to a minimum. Fees include all your turf hire, training costs, affiliations and equipment. We have no paid employees.

Uniforms and Equipment

Our provider of choice is Just Hockey, located in St Asaph Street.  We are extremely grateful for the support of the club they provide so we would encourage you to support them by return.  They also have a container shop located at Nunweek Park.  Click above to take a look at what they offer.


All year 7/8 uniform is provided, except you need to provide your own red socks.  Mini and Kiwi Sticks need to purchase polo shirt and skirt/shorts from Just Hockey.


A small amount of second hand uniform will be available for sale. If you have any old junior uniform to donate or sell please contact Dianne Greenfield at greenerfields@xtra.co.nz.