Subscription & Turf Fees

Your club subscription includes payment for you affiliation fee (this is the fee you pay to play in the club competition) and your turf fees.

Your turf fees include the cost of hiring turf time for trainings and games.

On average, Harewood retains approximately 10% of your club subscription and this contributes towards the running of the club. The remainder is passed onto Canterbury Hockey Association. The club subscription is due for payment prior to the first game of the season.

2020 JUNIOR FEES – These will not be confirmed until the AGM held in February 2020 once they have been ratified they will be adjusted if required. 


Kwik Sticks (Y7 & Y8) 11-aside $205
Kwik Sticks (Y7 & Y8)  6-aside $165
Mini/Kiwi Sticks (Y3,4,5,6)  6-aside $165
Fun Sticks (Y1 & Y2)  formally Minis $95