**Please note there is no youth girls grade this year. It has been replaced by Div 3 Womens grade. Please refer to the Womens tab for trial times for Div 3 if you are under 18 years old @ 1 January 2017**

Congratulations to the following players named in the 2017 Youth Boys Team

Jacob Dawson

Hugh Fraser

Xavier Guillemot-Rodgerson

Jonty Harris

Alex Holton

Kyle Houston

Luca Jugovac

Joshua Keenan

Ryan Khajotia

Cameron Lord

Luke MacLeod

Elliot Ottley

Logan Parker

Riley Seaford


Youth Subscription and Turf Fees

Your season hockey fees are made up of two components – club subscription and turf fees.

Club subscription: this fee covers your affiliation fees (this is the fee you pay to play in the club competition) and is passed onto Canterbury Hockey Association (CHA). On average, Harewood retains approximately 10% of your club subscription and this contributes towards the running of the club. The club subscription is due for payment prior to the first game of the season.

Turf Fees: this fee is passed on directly to CHA. This covers the turf hire fee for games and training, including pre-season training. It varies between grades and different grades play different length games and some grades do not have training. Turf fees are due for payment no later than 31 May.
If you pay via credit card you will pay the amount below plus an additional 4% credit card surcharge. The surcharge is not a Harewood HC fee, rather a fee for using credit card payment. If you pay through online banking, you will pay the amount below only.

Club Subscription Fees (2017)

Secondary Tertiary
Youth Grade (u18) $160 n/a


Turf Fees (2017)

Youth $170