Its Official – We are #1 Club in NZ

Harewood Hockey Club – NZ Club of the Year 2018

Harewood Hockey Club had another successful year both on and off the field. They achieved Clubmarks GOLD accreditation and again fielded the most participants of any Canterbury Hockey club. On the field they had plenty of success, highlighted by both their men and women winning the Premier competitions.

Canterbury Hockey Clubmark Report – It is clear the club’s committee put a lot of time into strategic planning, financial planning/reports and general administration throughout the year. The club has a well run communication platform through email, website and Facebook and regularly engages with Canterbury Hockey to ensure they maintain alignment. The club ensures they recognise all volunteers for their work, they have a number of experienced coached involved at the club at all levels and have also done an excellent job of developing their umpires in 2018. The club has a number of documented policies promoting health/wellness and club culture, a health and safety plan in place, and actively promote the Canterbury Hockey Code of Conduct.

This is a fantastic achievement for the club to be recognized at National level. We could not have achieved this without all the volunteers and members both current and past who have helped shape our club into what and where we are today. As a club we are extraordinarily proud and very humble to receive this award and thank you all.