How do the grades/competitions work and when do they play?

All children are placed in grades based on their school year as per the Hockey NZ small sticks Guidelines.

 Year 1 and 2      Funsticks    Saturdays at 9-10am
Year 3 and 4 Mini Sticks   Saturdays between 8am-1pm
Year 5 and 6 Kiwi Sticks Saturdays between 8am-3pm
Year 7 and 8 Kwik Sticks 6’s

Kwik Sticks 11’s

Thursday’s between 4 and 6 pm

Saturdays between 8am – 3pm


Each grade is separated into Divisions, with the exception of Funsticks which is a fundamental skills introduction to hockey programme.


Where do the matches get played?

Funsticks       Always at Nunweek Park, (Wooldridges Road) Turf number 1.

Mini Sticks     Various school grounds across Christchurch including Shirley Boys, and Waimak (Rangiora)

Kiwi Sticks     Various school grounds incl, St Margaret’s, Rangi, Sydenham and Rangiora and Nga Puna Wai

Kwik Sticks    11 Aside is played at Marist, Nunweek, Waimak or Nga Puna Wai


How long are the games?

Funsticks  Is a skill-based introduction to hockey including fun games. 45mins-1hr
Mini Sticks  12 minutes each way, 1/3 turfs
Kiwi Sticks 18 minutes each way, half or three quarter turf
Kwik Sticks 6 Aside – 18 minutes each way, half turf

11 Aside – 25 minutes each, full turf


Uniform and Equipment

Fun Sticks  We have sticks for you so you can try the game first. You will need shin pads and a mouthguard to play.  A starter kit is available from Just Hockey.
Mini Sticks & Kiwi Sticks Require your own hockey stick, shin pads and mouthguard.  Shorts and a Club polo shirt need to be purchased, along with plain red socks. All available from Just Hockey.
Kwik Sticks All year 7/8 players have uniform provided, but need to supply your own stick, red socks, shin pads and mouthguard.


In the interests of our players’ health and safety, and in line with Canterbury hockey policy, no protective equipment means no game.


Goal keeping gear for Kiwi Sticks grades and above is supplier by the club, as are Face masks for defenders from Kwik Sticks 11 Aside and up.  We also suggest players play with a glove from this grade up. 

Harewood Hoodies are available for purchase from Just Hockey. Mornings can be chilly so we strongly recommend these. Even better if one of your parents wishes to sponsor a team set, just let us know and we can approve and assist you with delivery and screening. 


What team will my child be put in?

Because this age group (School Years 3-6) is based around enjoyment and learning, and restrictions on available turf time, we don’t trial juniors below year 7/8. Naturally, there is room for your competitive spirit but largely we remind parents and players in these early years, sport is about developing hand-eye skills, concepts of space, games to teach understanding, making friends and getting stuck in. This is in line with Hockey NZ policy and most other junior sports.

Players in Mini Sticks and Kiwi Sticks will be grouped according to a variety of factors. Some teams move through the programme as a group. We are mindful that players need to play with others of similar ability in order to enjoy their sport.  

If you’re new to the club, let us know who you have played for previously and what other sports you do.

Our registrations allow parents to indicate what nights you are available to practice and also make requests for transport to be with other families, but PLEASE NOTE – these are requests only.  We have a program of over 200 Junior players so these requests cannot always be met, and parents will need to work with us to be a little flexible, find carpool options, or change your other plans to suit.


How much does it cost?

Subscriptions are verified at our AGM in February, but as a guide, we estimate the following based on 2019 fees:

Funsticks Yr1/2    FREE 
Mini Sticks Yr3/4   

Kiwi Sticks Yr5/6     

Kwik Sticks 6’s  Yr7/8  

Kwik Sticks 11’s Yr7/8   $205


Subscriptions are made up of an affiliation fee to Hockey NZ, and to Canterbury Hockey. The club component pays for equipment, uniforms, end of year prizes and events, club day giveaways, turf hire, training venue hire and a small reimbursement to our coaches for their expenses.  The club is entirely run by volunteers with no paid positions.


I’d like to help out?

Our teams are all coached by mums and dads with support from the club. Generally, this starts from mini sticks, the first “team” your child would belong to. It’s easy to get involved and incredibly rewarding. You don’t need to know anything about hockey – you just need to want to have fun, be encouraging, and ensure you create an inclusive environment. 


If you can offer expertise in business, coaching, administration, finance or want to become a business partner please contact us at harewood.hockey@gmail.com.