2020 Season Information 

Welcome to the 2020 season and we hope you have had a wonderful summer break.

2020 Subscription & Turf Fees are at the bottom of this page for your information.

Should you have an enquiry please email harewoodhelp@gmail.com. If your child is school year 9-13 please provide your child’s school year, not age with your query.

Senior hockey covers school year 9 to adult

2020 Harewood CPL Womens Team Announced

It is with pleasure we announce the following players have been successful in making our 2020 CPL Womens Team
Bella Ambrosius
Grace Ansell
Kate Atkinson
Jessie Anderson
Charlotte Lee
Millie Calder
Breana Catley
Libby Collings
Ellie Duncan
Jordy Grant
Mikeely Jones
Rileigh Knapp
Katherine Lobb
Thomasina Loeffen (c)
Georgie Leslie
Georgie Mackay-Stewart
Molly Mackay-Stewart
Catherine Tinning
Kendall Vaughan

Iona Young

2020 Division One Womens Team Announced

Bella Stephenson
Charlotte Binnie
Chelsea Hawthorne
Ella Te Aho
Emily Bowden
Hannah Jones
Isabella House
Katie Bond
Niamh McKenzie
Paris Hawthorne
Rose Stephenson
Sophie Williamson
Tessa Lobb

Coach – Kate Trolove

2020 Platinum and Div 2 Womens Teams 

To view the teams, click the ‘teams’ section on the sidebar of this page

If you’re in year 9 or 10 at school, it is a Canterbury Hockey requirement that you must play in the platinum grade. The Platinum grade is an U18 grade (Year 9-13) with various levels. Level one is the highest level. As a guide, level 1 consists of competitive year 10 players and highly competent year 9’s progressing from juniors who played in the first division grade. For all other year 9-13s that do not want to play at this level, you can register for Platinum Level 2/3.

Anyone year 11 at school or above is eligible for Division 2. Sitting below Div 1, it acts as a pathway from our platinum teams to the open grades

Registrations have now CLOSED for these grades. Please email harewoodhelp@gmail.com if you wish to seek any further information about these grades.

Senior Women Subscription and Turf Fees

Your season hockey fees are made up of two components – club subscription and turf fees.

Club subscription: this fee covers your affiliation fees (this is the fee you pay to play in the club competition) and is passed onto Canterbury Hockey Association (CHA). On average, Harewood retains approximately 10% of your club subscription and this contributes towards the running of the club. The club subscription is due for payment prior to the first game of the season.

Turf Fees: this fee is passed on to CHA. This covers the turf hire fee for games and training, including pre-season training. It varies between grades and different grades play different length games and some grades do not have training.


Club Subscription Fees (2020)

CPL / Open Grade

Mid Week Open Grade

Platinum Grade

Grass Grade






Turf Fees (2020)

CPL / Open Grade

Mid Week Open Grade

Platinum Grade