Club Constitution & Policies


A copy of the Harewood Hockey Club Constitution and Rules can be downloaded here: Harewood Hockey Constitution 2020


Harewood Hockey – Club Culture Commitment


Club Culture

Give 100 %

Follow Club Vision & Mission statements

Commit to Club and team activities

Integrity & Sportsmanship

Maintain excellent levels of sportsmanship both on and off the field

Uphold club integrity

Speak the truth

Deliver what you promise


Be a team player (and leader if possible)

Achieve team goals

Focus on cooperation

Be flexible, compassionate


Be responsible for own actions and outcomes

Be accountable for results


Be consistent and disciplined in your actions

This will lead to consistent results and success


Learn from mistakes

Impart practical and useable knowledge


Deliver quality and value

Be continually improving and innovative


Focus on a successful outcome with confidence and pride


Show your appreciation regularly

Celebrate the wins


Speak and act positively in public and private


Have a balanced approach to sport and life


Create and enjoy a happy environment


Harewood Hockey Policies

Drug policy

The Harewood Hockey Club prohibits the use of all recreational and performance enhancing drugs and substances by all club members, guests and visitors to the club.

The list of banned drugs that must be adhered and are named in the New Zealand Sport Agency Guidelines or on their website;

Health & Safety Policy

The Harewood Hockey Club is committed to creating an environment that promotes player, visitor, volunteer and contractor health and safety. The Club will pursue best practice in health and safety and to comply with requirements of the relevant legislation.

This will be achieved by:

  • Access to information will be provided to ensure that all players, coaches and umpires can undertake their duties safely.
  • Safeguarding players, visitors, volunteers and contractors from unnecessary hazards; and where such hazards cannot be eliminated or isolated, the exposure will be minimised.
  • Encouraging participation and consultation.
  • Timely and accurate reporting and investigation of accidents and incidents
  • Adopting a process of continuous improvement.
  • Ensuring players wear the correct protective clothing when and where appropriate

Inclusion policy

The Harewood Hockey Club has an understanding of how the New Zealand Disability Strategy, SPARC No Exceptions Policy and the Christchurch Physical Recreation and Sport Strategy can assist with the inclusion of people with disabilities into physical activity and sport.

The Harewood Hockey Club will endeavour to integrate people with disabilities into their environment and assist them to participate in club activities.

Consideration must be given to safety and the fact that many teams are selected on the participant’s ability to play hockey. Our Mini Hockey is where children with disabilities are most likely to be included.