Kwik Sticks – School Year 7&8

2021 Season Information 

This competition is for school year 7 and 8 players only.

Registrations for year 7 & 8 Kwik Sticks have closed. Should you have an enquiry, please contact



All year 7 players will be playing 7- Aside hockey in 2021. These games will be longer in duration than Kiwi Sticks, with the match being on half turfs at the main venues.
This is a transition year, and it is envisaged that In 2022, both year 7 and year 8 players will play this format. Our club has decided to trial this age group to ensure players are placed with those of a similar ability, thus allowing us to develop their skills effectively, and for the players to have an enjoyable experience.
All players will be provided with a uniform and will practice once a week, ideally in a squad based format for a portion of the session  (Days and times to be determined based on coach and turf allocations)



All Year 8 players will be playing 11 Aside Hockey in 2021.  Uniforms will continue to be provided and teams will practice once a week (times and venues to be determined).


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