Kiwi Sticks – School Year 5&6

2022 Kiwi Sticks Season Information


This competition is for year 5 & 6 children and is quite a step up from mini sticks. It’s played on half a turf and the rules of hockey come more into play. The umpires call up more infringements so the children can be rewarded for their skills they have developed. This is played across various hockey turfs around the city including Rangiora and can be scheduled from 8am – 2pm. We don’t trial this age group as per Hockey New Zealand guidelines. Instead favouring having kids play with their friends or keeping older more experienced kids or newer children together in their age group.



Registrations are Open!

If you wish to read about our new Kiwi Sticks Programme, head to the bottom of this page.
To register for Kiwi Sticks (Year 5&6) click here!

We also are opening up registrations for any coaches wishing to be involved. This year we are striving to improve our coach development and with these changes more time can be dedicated to this crucial area.

Register as a coach –

Thank you for supporting us in our new path forward. We can’t wait to see you at the turf in no time
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Hunters Holiday Development Programme

Harewood and GOALab Hockey are stoked to announce we are running a devlopment programme in the April holidays ! We know everyone is itching to get into hockey again so we’re excited to provide a fun and innovative programme for all to enjoy.


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Our 2022 Programme